Low Investment High Return Matrimonial  Franchise Opportunity

Matrimonial Business Is a Rapidly Growing Industry in India Having a market value of 1000 Cr per anum

High-Profit Margin  Service Category Business Growing Day by Day. After Revolutionary changes in Internet connectivity, this industry is in pik mode.  An Evergreen Business Model-Like Food and Cloths. A Basic Essential Of a human being is marriage. So it's the right time that never miss the right Partner. 

What do I do?

Simply you just receive the biodata of the person searching for marriage near you or you can share the referral link to get registered.

Our back-end team verifies the profile and gives him a proposal for marriage from our database which is collected through like you.

No worries – we are not taking any type of commission after marriage or we are not doing any marriage forcefully. We just connected them, the candidate, and their family taking care of the rest process.

As a Recognized Start-up, we hope to reach the ground ZERO with your partnership.

We are developed an Agent network app to collect biodata 

MarriageDuniya.com:- Low Investment - Branch Opportunity

Income 50,000* and above per month

Do you interested in the matrimonial Business?  ---- We invite you to own your Office and join the multi-billion Rupees Indian wedding industry that is growing at 25% per annum.

Key Points About marriageduniya.com:-

(A)- Where success and Income go hand in hand.

(B)-Complete training will be provided to meet up the client's requirements. Online training will be provided for new updates.

(C) -Working under the brand name will give you good exposure in the market.

(D)- Weekly reviews to keep you updated with the growth of the business.

(E)-Complete transparency in relation to business.

(F)- Your location/detail will be displayed on the www.marriageduniya.com website.

Why Franchise With Marriageduniya.com:-

(A)-  Master franchisees can get an income of 50% in the initial years from the business generated by them every month.

(B)- We provide 30% advertisement expenses in local newspapers to generate Business as well as the leads for telemarketing (only for one year). (Franchise has to take the approval before any advertisement campaigning )

(C)- Free profile registration (no charge to your client) on www.marriageduniya.com  and get Rs. 10/- per profile.

(D)- We provide board( banner), visiting cards, bill book, latter pad.

(E)-Free profile registration amount will be paid only at the rate of 1000 free profiles.

(F)- Working under the brand name will give you good exposure in the market.

(G)- All types of training support are provided by the company to run the business smoothly at no extra cost to the Channel Partner, as and when required. 

(H)- Branch will get 5% of the total revenue from the Unit franchise in his branch cluster.

All cities in India is available for tyeup 

* It is an Example Value that May Be increased or described depending on your performance


5  to 10 Lakh

Contact- [email protected] for more details


Pay the Franchise fee here 

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