Safety and Security tips is committed For Odia Community of Odisha and every one over World to supply you with a secure & secure platform during which you search and realize your partner. we tend to facilitate our users discover the simplest matches however it's within the interests of a user to use their best judgment to assess another person’s genuineness and interest in wedding.

Despite all we tend to do to create the platform secure, we tend to advise some precautions whereas victimisation our sites and apps:

•  If a user seems to possess entered false, cant regarding their education, profession, income, family etc., mark such profiles as ‘Report Abuse’ and refrain from contacting that user.

•  If a user asks for private favors like transportation of products, deposit of funds on their behalf, lend them some cash etc., directly stop any communication with the user and do as suggested on top of.

•  Be cautious of faux or copy sites might|which can} look similar however are literally owned  by people that may have malicious intent. several sites have an identical look as however they're not in any manner connected or attached to Please check the URL of the location (it ought to be computer that you just square measure visiting.

•  Representatives from these faux sites might reach intent on you to urge membership fee or for registering your profiles. Exercise caution and alert our client service if and once this happens.

•   Beware of individuals  faux to decision from the MarriageDuniya team inquiring for your user id’s and passwords to login to your account. Please note that MarriageDuniya ne'er asks you for user word data either on phone or face to face.

•   Never share your money details like checking account range, on-line banking credentials, mastercard details etc. Use sound judgment and don't take any call in a very hurry.

•   Meet with prospective partners you discover on the platform in a very safe place and inform your family or friends of the meeting.

•   Do an intensive background analysis regarding the person before any commitments square measure created. is simply a preliminary medium of contact and exchange of data. Users square measure powerfully suggested to conduct associate freelance check/due diligence before continuing with any selections supported the content of the profile. The encumbrance of corroboratory the genuineness of the knowledge displayed on a profile lies on the user.

Privacy and confidentiality options and tools at

At we have a tendency to believe that protective the confidentiality and privacy of our registered users is extremely necessary. For this reason, our basic options are designed to safeguard your confidentiality. any we've subtle tools that modify you to line your privacy and confidentiality levels to people who you're comfy with.

A. Universal Confidentiality options


Our profile format is intended therefore on stop individuals from distinctive you unless you want them to try and do therefore. therefore the data that's gathered is general in nature - age, height, gender, caste, ethnicity, occupation, location, family profile, interests, desired partner profile etc. generally data that may facilitate generates interest among the proper prospective life partners while not severally distinctive you. Uploading images is nonobligatory.

B. shield your confidentiality

At we have a tendency to perceive that totally different .individuals have different wants for privacy and confidentiality. Thanks to that we've set completely different privacy futures for profile, images and contacts.

Some of these settings are:

For Profile

•             Allow my elaborated profile to be viewed by all guests by default otherwise you will opt for solely paid Members

•             Allow my elaborated profile to be viewed solely by registered users World Health Organization I actually have settle for.

•             You will block any single profile

.Profile visibility settings ar obtainable within the settings section that is accessible from Profile setting Menu. we have a tendency to advocate that you just come in for the primary privacy setting as that may get you the most response. oft our web site is searched by casual browsers world wide web  ar extremely qualified, eligible individuals or friends and relatives of a prospective bride or groom and therefore your profile is visible to the current necessary cluster of odiamatrimony visiters.

There is a possibility that no-one are ready to read your outline or elaborated profile.

However, we might advocate you to travel for the1st possibility as a result of the second possibility might minimize the quantity of responses your profile will get.

For Photograph

In case you want to transfer your photograph(s) along side your profile then you have got the subsequent choices :

•             I wish my photos to be visible to any or all members.

•             I wish my photos to be visible solely to members I contact and to members I settle for.

•             You will shield your exposure with a positive identification , visible after you share the positive identification

•             Hide to any or all

Thus you get to line that privacy level for your photograph that you're feeling most comfy with.

We would but advocate that you just do transfer your images and come in for the primary privacy setting possibility as that's doubtless to induce you the most relevant response. The photograph privacy settings choices are obtainable within the 'My Photos' section of the 'Dashboard’ page. once login you'll asses this page

For contacts

When getting into profile on you'll specify criteria supported which individuals World Health Organization don't match your required partner profile ar unable to contact you. therefore you're not daunted by people that you're clear you'd not have an interest in.

Filter setting ar obtainable once you have got entered your required partner profile.

So after you register with you register with the foremost confidential OdiaMatrimonial web site. therefore register confidently. Odia’s Own Matrimony

In case you face any of the on top of explicit  things or encounter a probable faux profile, directly apprize  on 7008986006 (10AM to 6PM) or [email protected].

.Be Safe on-line.

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