Khandayat Matrimony

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About Khandayat Cast in Odisha

Khandayat or Khandait is a landed militia caste from odisha and east India. They were feudal chiefs, military generals, zamindars, large land holders and agriculturalists. Numerically they are the largest caste of the state The name Khandayat is originated from the word “Khanda" which means Sword and khandayat means sword wielding. Traditionally, they are quasi-martial caste who claims themselves to be of Kshatriya status, but they were considered by the Brahmins and others to be in the Shudra varna category. Due to the majority of Khandayats being peasants. Pradhan also attributes this to Brahmin patronage of Rajputs, who also claimed to be of Kshatriya status.Communities such as Adivasis, Bhuyans, Chasas, and Agharias started identifying as Khandayats in order to gain status, distance themselves from their original castes/communities

Titles and surnames used by khandayat cast in odisha

Titles and surnames used by Khandayat cast in odisha including Biswal,barik, Dhal,Bal,Baral,Nayak, Baliarsingh, Gadanayak, Indrasingh, Khuntia, Swain, Pal, Bishoyi, Dalai, Patra, Balabantray, Baliarsingh, Jena, Badajena, Mishra, Samal, Baral, Rout, Mahatab, Rautaray, Paikaray, Singhdeo, Bhanjdeo, Kanungo, Sundaray, Karuan, Deo, Dhir, Mohanty, Mahanta, Sahu, Kund, Maharathi, Singh, sinha, Sahani, Pradhan, Samantaray, Samanta, Dalabehera, Parida, Khandayatray, Bakshiray, ray,Chhotray, Charati, Chanda, Dalasinghray, Srichandan, Srichandan ray, karwa, Champatiray, Karwachoudharay, Behura, Mallick, Muduli, Mohapatra, Mahalia, Giri, Mangaraj, Martha, kodamasingh, ETC.

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